Zoey Koester

Interior Design Intern

Bachelor of Science, Interior Design
Southern Illinois University 

Zoey believes that the need for shelter and structure will be a universal concern for as long as humanity exists. Due to this concern, she thinks that informed, research-based design is absolutely necessary in order to avoid the future spread of urban decay as well as to satisfy the living requirements of an ever-growing, ever-changing population. Zoey passionately works to fulfill human needs, structural standards, and ecological goals by adaptively reusing and revitalizing pre-existing buildings. She also believes that designers can only properly create these useful environments through a combination of applied education, evidence-based design, and natural intuition.

In her free time, Zoey enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her sweet little dog. She also desires to keep up with her passion for ballroom dancing (especially West Coast Swing), knitting, reading Agatha Christie murder mystery books, and repairing homes on mission trips. Zoey hopes to someday spend her time working abroad to design and build infrastructure for communities in need.