Washington High School

Washington, IL
IASA/IASB/IASBO School Award of Distinction

The addition and renovation work at Washington High School consists of a 30,000 s.f. addition that connects three existing buildings, a main classroom building, a vocational building, and a competition gym made up of six additions on multiple levels, into one secure and fluid learning environment. The addition houses a new kitchen and commons area that allowed for the existing kitchen and commons to be renovated into eight new learning spaces.  

Also in the addition is a new secure main entry, which leads visitors directly to a new administration wing, allowing for additional improved learning spaces in the building. This new entry replaces the nearly 30 exterior doors that were being used on this open campus, and creates a secure, accessible building where students can get everywhere without leaving the building. The remainder of the addition is comprised of connecting corridors that provide ramp and stair systems to connect into the existing facility.