Warrensburg-Latham Middle School / High School Addition

Warrensburg, IL

The Warrensburg-Latham building addition serves as the connecting link, tying together both the existing middle school and the existing high school. The largest component of the addition is the high school performance gymnasium. This space is designed to accommodate approximately 1,500 students and spectators as well as an additional 500 students and spectators in an elevated mezzanine section. To accompany the gymnasium, there is both a men’s and women’s locker room for basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, baseball and softball athletes, as well as the locker room for PE students.

Another major component of the addition is the 5,400 s.f. cafetorium. This space serves as the high school cafeteria, but is also the performance space for productions, concerts and assemblies. A new commercial kitchen was designed to serve the high school cafeteria as well as the new middle school cafeteria and the existing elementary school cafeteria. The educational components of the addition consist of three new science labs. A physics lab, biology lab and a general science lab all share a large prep room and are designed to accommodate 28-32 students each.