Tim Ervin, LEED AP

Licensed Architect
BIM Design Group Leader

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Southern Illinois University
Tim views architecture as an opportunity solve a problem. Each building is unique (whether it be new construction or remodeling) and they all have their share of challenges. Tim has always had a passion for the understanding of how a building is put together and he gets the opportunity to live that passion every day!

Being the son of a high school football, basketball and track coach has impacted Tim's passion for sports. He has been a high school basketball and football official for 15 years and an avid Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals fan for as long as he can remember. This passion for sports has carried over to his work.  He loves to work on projects that have anything to do with athletics. If it's a court, weight room, track or field, Tim wants to be a part of the design!  
Outside the office, Tim loves to spend as much time as he can with his family. Going on walks, bike rides, Cardinal games and other outdoor activities with his wife and kids fill most of his afternoons during the warm months of the year.