St. Columba Catholic Church

Ottawa, IL

Built in 1882, St. Columba Catholic Church was in need of preservation and restoration. As a significant landmark in Ottawa, it was important to develop a 100-year solution, not just a 20-year solution. The design team started with this long term goal in mind, and worked with St. Columba to develop an overall master plan for church facilities that looked at all current unresolved maintenance issues in a larger scope and incorporated a plan that would be followed for the ongoing care and upkeep of the newly restored facilities. In order to fund the projects, the Parish began raising funds through a capital campaign. 

Phase 1 of this project at St. Columba Catholic Church includes complete restoration of the facade, a new roof, restoration of the stained glass windows, additional handicap accessibility, and new front entrance doors. Phase 2 will be a complete interior remodel.