Silvis Northeast Junior High School

East Moline, IL

The design team worked closely with the Silvis School District staff to develop not only a new facility but one that incorporates a changing program that would clearly impact the future of its students and the success of the community. Seeing the need for change, the district mandated that this building be designed to support the individual learner. The building was designed from the beginning to enable, small group project based learning, and self-directed instruction, and traditional pedagogy. This building is the first Green Globe Certified School in the State of Illinois - incorporating several unique, energy efficient and green design elements in addition to more traditional energy saving features.

To support the primary learning units a set of group and individual learning spaces are adjacent to the primary spaces to allow group, peer to peer, and individual learning to occur. These spaces also act as break out spaces off of the large project based learning areas. A design goal was to make the traditional media center, cafeteria, and stage blend the borders to create a modern piazza where social interaction and the days needs inform the space usage.  Key to this is the Un-Library that is both the focus of the central wedge.