Harvest Bistro at Sedgebrook

Senior Care Development

Lincolnshire, IL

BLDD was commissioned by Senior Care Development to reinvent their café dining experience. Sedgebrook, located in Lincolnshire, is home to more than 500 independent living residents. Sedgebrook operated both a formal dining venue as well as a “café” dining area. The café had become outdated and is now transformed into a Bistro and Pub, providing a new dining environments along with a refreshed menu.

The new spaces provide unique aesthetics, 125 seats designed into multiple seating options, and partial wait service with the flexibility to convert to full service in the future. Convenient beer and wine beverage service will be provided, along with the option to convert a portion of the Pub into a full bar. Cooking staff will still be visible to the residents, including the design of an action station where chefs and residents can engage in conversation and friendship.