Rachel Emmons

Software Systems Developer
Greenville College

It’s hard to believe Rachel’s career as a software developer started when she was asked what she knew about Microsoft Access. Her response: “Access to what?” threw her head long into programming and in a role that she loves: problem solver. She thoroughly enjoys creating, implementing, and teaching new tools that continually get our clients excited about a new project. Of course, she describes herself as a “geek” at heart that is middle brained – just the right mix of creative and technical.

At home, she enjoys playing games with her daughters, Holly, and Gracie, and just being silly (especially with her oldest daughter who shares her goofy sense of humor.)  Her youngest has started to show her mother’s affinity for all things analytical and recently created a chart of how much her family loves each other – it’s now proudly displayed on Rachel’s wall next to her desk and tends to spark a lot of conversation. When time permits, she spends time with her girls doing crafty projects like decorating the Christmas tree solely in construction paper snowflakes and paper doll gingerbread men. If you are looking for a “killer” themed-birthday party, Rachel’s kids can tell you that their mom plans parties that get their classmates and parents talking.