“The programming with all stakeholders prior to the design has been truly appreciated. BLDD also attended neighbor meetings that I set up to make sure the community was informed, and presented so that the common person understood.”
Ray Bergles, Superintendent
Silvis School District #34



“When we started the building project, one of the reasons we hired Tim McGrath and his friends at BLDD was because they had talked about their experience in engaging the community in the process and getting people involved in doing the design. Knowing full well that this tends to extend the design process quite a bit but in the end, the process has provided a darn good design. It’s a pretty good example of what can happen when the community engagement process is handled as close to correctly as possible. That’s what happened here.”
Eric Grenier, Board President
Lake Bluff ESD #65



“I have worked with BLDD on many different projects, large and small, over the past 10 years. I continue to be amazed by their enthusiasm, professionalism, expertise, and commitment to the satisfaction of their client. The quality of their work and the knowledge of their personnel make every project go as easy as possible. Every construction or remodeling project is a journey, and BLDD keeps the road paved for a smooth ride!”
Jane Lair, Director of Business Services
Lake Bluff ESD #65



“BLDD Architects successfully assisted with the completion of a $14.3 million remodeling and new construction project for my district. From the community engagement activities to the presentation of the keys, the BLDD team was excellent to work with. A high level of trust and mutual respect exhibited by the BLDD team provided a firm foundation for the challenging work of remodeling four schools and the design and construction of a new Elementary School. BLDD’s promise of ‘on time and under budget’ came to fruition and helped to make my job as a Superintendent more successful. Additionally, BLDD played a major role in the successful passage of a $0.50 building bond referendum passed by the voters. I would encourage any school district who is considering a construction bond referendum and/or a construction project to contact BLDD.”
Brad K. Hutchison, Superintendent
Olympia CUSD #16



“We greatly appreciate the commitment that has consistently been demonstrated by BLDD Architects. We believe the design of the new building is very attractive and highly functional. Todd Cyrulik has done an excellent job in responding to our concerns, coming up with solutions to unexpected issues, and coordinating the necessary communication and cooperation between all parties involved with the project.”
John M. Conklin, Superintendent
Athens CUSD #213



“The Maroa-Forsyth Schools have enjoyed a positive relationship with BLDD since 1986 highlighted by our present new high school project.  Everyone involved with our project have been extremely helpful in assisting with the decision making process.  The number of new schools they have designed substantiates their expertise in new construction.”
Steve Stenger, Superintendent
Maroa-Forsyth CUSD #2



“The district has enjoyed a partnership with BLDD for over 15 years and has conducted several successful referendums and building projects together. BLDD did a wonderful job of ascertaining our needs and expectations and using the “best” of their experience to design and build a beautiful, efficient, and functional facility. Throughout the project, BLDD was innovative and responsive in meeting our district’s needs.”
Tom Mulligan, Superintendent
Riverton CUSD #14



“BLDD Architects, Inc. was commissioned by the Chicago Public Schools as the Architect of Record for the $15M addition and renovation of the Mary G. Peterson Elementary School on the North side of Chicago. BLDD was able to complete the design and documentation of this complex project within a short period of time, and within a sophisticated Owner review and approval process. They worked tirelessly within the school to fully understand our needs and programming requirements. Their work has been thorough and architectural responsiveness impeccable. I wish I could clone the representatives of BLDD for my own staff!”
Penelope Varnava
Partnership for Chicago Schools



“Without exception, those who have visited the school have been enthusiastic about its educational functioning and its magnificence. BLDD managed to capture the unique characteristics of the site , link them to the aggressive and comprehensive educational program we want to offer our students, and transform them into intelligent architectural solutions. At all times, the BLDD staff assigned to our project has been knowledgeable, committed, available, and responsive to the needs of the school, staff and community. Your vision of school design is truly to your credit. We could not be happier with the school.”
Cheryl O’Leary, Principal
Garden Hills Elementary School



“Over the course of my 30 years of public service, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of architectural firms on construction projects.  During this time no firm has impressed me more than BLDD.  They currently are in the final stages of overseeing a complicated renovation/addition at Garden Hills Elementary School.  From the start, Sam Johnson and Mark Ritz did everything right including the engagement of our parents and staff.  They then put together superb plans which even with the renovation have kept change orders to a minimum.  The project remains below budget and will be completed on time.  Throughout the project Sam and Mark have continued to be directly involved in every aspect from guaranteeing our students safety to keeping staff informed of construction scheduling.  With BLDD, we were more than just another client. We were partners.  We were friends.  We were family.  Partners, friends and family do not let you down and I don’t believe Mark and Sam will either.”
Gene Logas, Chief Financial Officer
Champaign Unit #4 Schools


“We really appreciate all of the care that BLDD put into our project, and we enjoyed working with your group.  Geoff and Jane were very responsive to our requests. Thank you for being so supportive of our agency.”
Janet Szlyk, PhD/President and Executive Director
The Chicago Lighthouse, for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired