Nicholas Deasy

Architecural Intern

Bachelor of Science, Architecture
Iowa State University

Nick is a recent graduate from Iowa State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture with a focus in sustainability and historic preservation. Even at a young age, Nick always had a pencil in his hand drawing, mostly plans for what he would hope to construct later. His initial interest in architecture stemmed from playing with legos as a child. Nick looks forward to seeing the projects he has worked on become a reality and seeing how people interact with the spaces that he has helped create.   

In his free time, Nick likes to work on furniture projects in the wood shop. As a 3rd generation arborist, he has been around trees his entire life; all the way from planting to removal, milling and drying lumber, then utilizing it for various projects. Nick enjoy being outdoors, playing golf or other sports, gardening or just sitting by the fire. He has been lucky enough to indulge his passion for travel and was able to study in Rome for a semester. Nick visited 12 different countries during his time there and can't wait to go back and visit them again!