Mohona S. Murad

Structural Designer

Master of Architecture, Structures Option
University of Illinois

Mohona is thrilled to be back at BLDD as a full-time employee now. She really enjoyed interning at the Champaign office last summer and now is looking forward to starting this new chapter of life with the Chicago team. She always knew that she wanted to focus her career in a design related field and architecture was the path that best suited her interests. It wasn't until Mohona started her B.S in Architectural Studies at UIUC that she learned that she had a passion for building structures and the technical aspects behind design. She continued to get a Master in Architecture with a concentration in Building Structures at UIUC as well. Mohona's ideal goal is helping clients turn their dreams into reality and contributing her time and effort in making the community a better place.

Mohona is very family oriented and loves spending time with her brother and sisters. If not with family, she is usually hanging out with friends. There are days she dedicates to hereself.  She likes to read books every now and then, listen to music, sketch or take her DSLR camera on mini escapades. She wants to travel and make it a point to visit all the great historical monuments and architecture all over the world.