Workman Family Softball Field, Millikin University

Decatur, IL

After three decades without a home for the women's softball program, Millikin University's dreams became a reality through a generous donation. The new ​Workman Family Softball Field is a monument to Millikin's ​strong heritage as well as the bright future of a growing program. The field and all of its amenities were designed to attract the highestachieving student ​athletes, and it worked.  Millikin's first recruiting class in the new field was bigger and better than ever before.   

​T​he design team was tasked with the challenge of creating a Division III softball field like no other in the midwest (and perhaps the nation). Because Millikin's campus is rich with spaces and facilities that invoke a feeling of campus pride, history, and elegance, it was imperative that the facility associated with the softball field do the same. The new space needed to develop a sense of community, and it was designed as a place for players, coaches, students, staff, and the community to gather and celebrate the successes of Millikin student athletes. Millikin University's commitment to creating a top quality facility can be seen in the professional style 'sunken' dugouts, synthetic turf infield and outfield, team room, vinyl fencing, berm seating, patio seating, and stadium chair seating.