Mahomet Seymour High School Renovations
Mahomet Seymour CUSD #3 
Mahomet, IL

The Mahomet Seymour school district wanted to remodel their existing high school library, auditorium, commons and main entry spaces. By utilizing BLDD’s Think BIG Design Thinking process, students, faculty, and staff were able to help create and test full scale prototypes of designs. The final spaces were developed using feedback from the testing of the prototypes.

The idea of the library as a quite study space was thrown out the window as an outdated perception. The space was expanded to be nearly 50% larger than before, and replaced what was once a solid masonry wall with an angled glass wall that reaches out to the commons and invites life into the newly renovated media space.  

The reinvention thoughtfully divided the space into a series of spaces that allow for different activities to occur simultaneously. Spaces for small group, individual and soft seating options, as well as the mobile stacks allow for infinite reconfiguration over time in the main space. Surrounding this open space are various areas that allow for different size groups and different levels of privacy. These include an open maker space, a large instructional space with state of the state-of-the-art telecommunication, large conference space, and small lecture and study spaces. A cafe area, with counter tops and stool seating, allows for food and drink, while also providing additional study space for students to gather.  

The main entry updates create a new first impression for students and visitors. The entry was updated to add life and bright color integration through acoustical treatments. The commons was updated to partner with the renovated library space to serve as a gathering space. The auditorium, once outdated and underutilized, was reconfigured to allow for flexibility and size control through the use of retractable seating in the rear with storage for testing and study hall tables.