Kimberly Kurtenbach, AIA, LEED AP, REFP

Licensed Architect
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
University of Illinois
Kim truly believes that the most rewarding experience as an architect is being of service to others and influencing their lives with the built environment she inspired.  Living in India with her family and traveling around the world was her early inspiration, well, after Legos, Lincoln Logs, and dollhouses.  As the daughter of lifelong educators, she had planned to teach high school art, but was encouraged by her parents to consider an architecture education. Designing a school in college allowed her to combine the two things she loved, architecture and education. After college Kim sought out BLDD Architects and has dedicated herself to the profession and committed herself to seeing every project succeed. 

Kim’s commitment extends outside of the office as well. She is a board member of AIA Illinois and AIA Central Illinois, and finds various opportunities to share with others how cool it is to be an architect. When Kim is not working she enjoys hanging out with her husband (Tom), two sons (Gregory and Johnathan), and their extended neighborhood family. Whether their time is spent relaxing to an action movie or participating in various Cub Scout activities, there is never a dull moment in the Kurtenbach house.  Art is Kim’s oasis, but rarely does she keep it to herself. She has made it a point to allow her children to experience various media, to see what they like the best. More recently she and her boys can be found making miniatures from clay, knitting hats, or planning the next pinewood derby car. When the weather is nice, Kim can be found in her garden growing a variety of flowers. She keeps a sketch book on her night stand, when inspiration strikes, and can’t help but pull out the old Legos from time to time.