Kidzeum of Health & Science Image

Kidzeum of Health & Science
Springfield, IL

The Kidzeum of Health & Science is a 3-story, 25,000 sf facility located in the nationally registered, historic buildings at 412, 414 and 416 East Adams Street in the state capitol, Springfield. The Kidzeum of Health and Science is designed with a focus on fun and learning and is dedicated to teaching children of all abilities about health and science through discovery and play. 

The facility is designed to create a fun and exciting environments that features hands on exhibits and interactive programs. The building is designed to meet the needs of all children, including those with physical and mental disabilities. The Kidzeum is committed to nurturing health and wellness, promoting science education and careers, and developing environmental and global awareness through innovative programs and exhibits. The primary exhibit themes are:  Healthy Body, Healthy Community, and Healthy Earth.

The Kidzeum will combine its architecture with an incredible exhibit experience; a two-story, 40-foot tall interactive exploration of the human body. This exhibit will allow children to be able to climb in, through and around to learn about the human body.  Over 100 hundred interactive engagements will be designed to allow young visitors to explore the wonders of the human body and therefore themselves.