Kaskaskia College Vandalia Campus Image

Vandalia Campus Master Plan, Kaskaskia College

Vandalia, IL

This campus Master Plan was part of Kaskaskia College’s Vision 20-20, a 15 year strategic plan for the college’s growth. The college’s strategic objective was to strengthen its Vandalia Education Center with the creation of this new campus. The developed master plan allowed three to five phases to be completed over a 15 year period, as appropriations were made available.

The master plan was developed around a central quadrangle perched 35 feet above a proposed natural area.  The natural area would be planted with native prairie grass that could be traversed with walking and biking trails. Adjacent to the natural area would be a large green space for outdoor events including a soccer field that could be used by the local community. The original concept for the natural area was a lake that could be utilized for geothermal HVAC systems for the campus buildings. The 20,000 s.f. and 30,000 s.f. education centers in the first two phases provide continuing education opportunities to the local employers and their employees, assisting in their education and advancement opportunities.