Joey Kuenstler

Architectural Intern
BIM Design Group Leader

Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Southern Illinois University

Joey joined BLDD as an architectural intern right out of graduate school. He has been able to supplement his educational focus on parochial schools through BLDD’s projects with religious and educational facilities. Joey enjoys the technological aspects of his work such as completing photo realistic renderings for client projects. BLDD’s diverse master planning projects have given Joey the opportunity to interact with clients during the architectural process.

Whenever possible, Joey drives to Olney on the weekends to visit friends and family. He enjoys sampling new restaurants with his fiancée, Rachel, and loves to watch movies both at home and in the theater. Playing video games, walking on Constitution trail, playing basketball, watching the San Diego Chargers and Bulls games, or catching up on all the latest professional sports news keeps Joey busy when he is not at work.