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Being in continual architectural practice since 1929 doesn’t make us feel old – just the opposite. We feel like our experience throughout the years and our bright talent is a perfect combination - two of the many reasons that our clients love to work with us.

Our roots were planted in Decatur, Illinois, as a two-person operation at the onset of the Great Depression. Our first official project was a passenger terminal station, but soon we added clients in the areas of education, healthcare, municipalities, religion, and private business owners. With great perseverance and vision BLDD has grown to its present staff of more than 80 people in five offices in Chicago, Champaign, and Bloomington, Illinois and most recently Davenport, Iowa.

 We understand the impact that architecture has on everyday life. We are constantly pursuing ways to improve our work and our experiences with our clients, pushing us to carve out an even longer history in the world of architecture.