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“Do buildings really make a difference?”

It’s a logical question, and one that school designers and administrators are asked regularly. Many of our clients tell us the answer is a definitive YES, and they have noted positive changes after a completed building project. Improved behavior, decreased discipline problems and higher academic performance all suggest there could be a connection.  

However, there is a need for definitive data on the subject. We believe that the potential for student improvements is too exciting to ignore. If the building can improve education, then we should figure out exactly how and why and replicate that success.    

To that end, we have assembled a team of educational experts, school research scientists, and design professionals to develop a robust investigation. This study will measure student outcomes both before and after renovation and/or new construction by analyzing a relationship between the following variables:

• Learning settings (acoustics, temperature) and student academic achievement
• Movement patterns (density, traffic flow, distance to open space) and student behaviors
• Stimulating environment (color, aesthetics, furnishings, wonder) and student engagement