Eisenhower High School

Decatur, IL 
IASA/IASB/IASBO School Award of Distinction

At 50 years old, the Eisenhower High School for the Decatur Public School District was physically worn, and functionally ineffective. The school district conducted a community engagement planning process to determine how best to meet the current and future educational aspirations of the community given the conditions of its two existing high schools. The outcome of the planning process was to completely  “reinvent” the current high school, and approval of the plan was granted by the public through passage of a County Wide Sales Tax referendum.

There were three primary goals for the design solution of the Reinvention of the Eisenhower High School. The first was to develop an environment that supports student achievement, using “Evidence Based Design" concepts. The second goal was to develop a student centered environment; one that engages students in their learning. The third goal was to create an environment that facilitated educational excellence.  With these goals in mind, the reinvention of Eisenhower High School created an adaptable 21st Century Learning Environment.

The project was certified as LEED Gold in 2016.