Easton Valley Elementary Renovation Image

Elementary Renovation, Easton Valley School District
Miles, Iowa

After completing a District Wide Community Engagement Master Planning Process facilitated by BLDD Architects, this newly consolidated school district decided to implement Phase One of the Master Plan and renovate the Easton Valley Elementary School.  

Prior to consolidation, this facility served as a high school. Phase one work involves completely reinventing the former vocational and exploratory spaces (Industrial Arts, Music, Family and Consumer Sciences, bathrooms) into 21st century learning spaces for the District’s intermediate grade level students.  Renovations include the complete gutting of the existing spaces, including all infrastructure systems, and the construction of new classrooms, Collaboration areas, planning areas, and flex spaces.  Air conditioning will be provided through a new VRF/VRV mechanical system. 

The facility will also be given a new identity through branding (using environmental graphics), new furnishings, and new technology.