Dan Y. Wakefield

Licensed Architect
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Master of Architecture, Design Option
University of Illinois
Dan began his career outside BLDD, but once here, the firm’s commitment to developing staff both professionally and personally sealed the deal…a place that you enjoyed working at, not just a place to work.

Dan has a strong sense for detail and the ability to see the whole picture when it comes to integrating all the systems of the building. He is enthusiastic about creating well thought out designs that are inviting and allow opportunities for the exterior to be expressed into the interior, creating functional and practical designs.

Dan enjoys camping, hiking, and kayaking with his wife and two children. Any chance they can get, he and his wife look for any opportunity to head to the mountains. His favorite ice cream combination is chocolate fudge with orange sherbet. On the same cone - yes on the same cone. And his middle name is Yul…you’ll have to ask him yourself where that came from.