Classroom of the Future

Charles City School District

Our students deserve to be educated for their future, not our past, because the FUTURE is NOW.

Rather than the one-size-fits-all classroom of the past, active learning requires a complement of flexible spaces, designed to support a full range of learning activities. 

Charles City Middle School is the perfect example of a real world solution with this in mind. Scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2016, it includes spaces designed to support learning activities, not limited to specific subjects. These engaging environments include Gather, Camp, Cave, Explore, Design, and Flex. 

A full-scale mockup of this future-focused classroom suite was recently featured at the 70th annual IASB Convention in Iowa. Students and teachers from the Charles City School District took the concept for a real life test drive, and their response was overwhelming! Conference attendees also had the opportunity to interact in the space and see components that will make up the "Classroom of the Future." Click here for pictures from the convention.