Chicago First Church of the Nazarene Image

Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

Lemont, IL

Chicago First Church of the Nazarene was faced with leveraging existing space to better serve both the Family Experience Service and the Worship Service. The objective was to create an environment for attendees and guests that is about the mission of the church as well as inviting and inspirational.  

The design solution is a new platform/set wall that creates backstage space and provides a backdrop for video/lighted environments. The two story FX set/wall provides for a strong visual impact with an industrial feel that allows lighting systems to change the mood and warmth of the room. The FX stage is easily changed into the worship service atmosphere by using flexible lighting and deploying portable curtains. Musical instruments and furniture is placed on platforms that are taken off stage through a large overhead door. The renovated worship space enables efficient set up and vestibule for many different creative presentations.