Carden Park Elementary, St. Joseph School District

St. Joseph, MO

The building was conceived as a replacement to several small aging elementary schools with one larger facility divided into small learning communities. This facility was designed to accommodate small learning communities and future education changes through its unique modular design. There are three 200 student learning communities and one hybrid community combining early childhood and district wide special education programs. Each standard community is designed to accommodate 200 students and be subdivided into two 100 student neighborhoods. The four neighborhoods all share a common size module to accommodate future use and expansion throughout the district.

The need for this building to accommodate large populations and to headquarter the district’s whole child services, created the need for an extremely efficient building. Traditional school spaces such as the library, cafeteria, stage, and lobby, had to be re-imagined to maximize their potential. This challenge was met by arranging three of the small learning community modules, as well as a unique module housing Kindergarten and emotional, physical, and behavior development programs connect to each other through a large 2 story flex studio.