Candace Furgeson

Registered Interior Designer
Bachelor of Science, Housing & Environmental Design
Illinois State University
Fascinated by the emotional impact that the interior environment can have on people, Candace loves how a well-designed space can energize and invigorate, soothe and comfort, cheer and uplift, inform and inspire. She enjoys entering a client's world to learn about daily activities and concerns, and designing interiors that will make life easier, more pleasant and productive for them. The opportunity to provide positive experiences for people--students, patients, professionals, and other members of the community--is what makes Candace want to come to work every day.
In cold weather, Candace can be found curled up with a good book, but in the summer she’s on the lake, boating with her children and grandchildren. Candace and her husband love spending time with their grandchildren, (5 so far…but hoping for more!) seeing the world in a fresh new way through their eyes, and providing them with plenty of fun times and good memories to carry with them into the future.