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Here are some of our personal thoughts, opinions and experiences regarding all things architectural... and some things that are not.


Healthcare Facility Planning in Uncertain Times

Healthcare margins continue to shrink and much uncertainty surrounds the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)   Revenue projection is critical to capital expenditure planning, and uncertainty over how the ACA will impact hospital reimbursements only adds to the complexity of the problem.  The underlying goal of the ACA is to reward hospitals for improving quality of care, Read More >


Introducing the BLDD PK-12 Think Tank!

We like having fun.  We do our best work when we’re having fun. When it’s time to plan the concept for our next conference, we usually  head to Donnie’s Homespun on Oakland, sit on the patio, have a cold beverage with some crazy talented friends (aka co-workers), and brainstorm.  It’s fascinating watching ideas weave together Read More >


The Mystery of the Unused Clubhouse

I did a favor for my wife a few months back.  Her father passed in December, and the family has been getting his house ready for sale.  I stopped by to pick up the painter’s invoice – nice job with the Shaker Beige, my wife’s favorite paint color. The house is located in a nice Read More >


Safe Schools

Recently I presented to a group of School Board Officials on ‘safe schools’ and school security…unfortunately, a hot topic in school design.  I continue to research the ‘lessons learned’ from the previous atrocities that some school districts have had to endure and I am overcome with a desire to never rest until school design overcomes Read More >

Barbara Meek EDAC

Evidence-Based Design vs. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

by Barbara Meek, AIA, NCARB, EDAC, LEED AP There are some new letters after my name…. EDAC.   It stands for Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification.  The program was founded around healthcare design focused on patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness and the quality of care provided in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It is about Read More >

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I fell in love with Sketchup all over again

I fell in love with Sketchup all over again this week! I was pressed for time in coming up with some exterior design options for a SD presentation and having that program was extremely helpful. I started by putting the appropriate materials on the existing building model. Then I created the massing boxes for the additions. Read More >


How to Model an Orb in Revit

We recently developed a concept for a student center that brought together several different functions in the same space.  The solution?  Free-standing orbs…. a great design element, but one of our more challenging rendering tasks.  Here’s how we approached bringing them to life in Revit. In order to model these shapes in Revit, start by Read More >


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