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Here are some of our personal thoughts, opinions and experiences regarding all things architectural... and some things that are not.


Reinventing Invention: 5 things we learned from Prototyping the new Charles City Middle School

For most of us, it’s tough to understand what new space will feel like from looking at lines on paper. This is especially true if you are thinking about doing something that hasn’t been done before. If you are a public school district, you want to get it right the first time; you don’t have Read More >


A Virtual Dementia Tour

Ever wonder what it’s like to have dementia, or what is commonly referred to as Alzheimer’s? Three weeks ago I got a taste of it while attending the national conference for non-profit senior housing providers, Leading Age, in Nashville, Tennessee. In one corner of the vast exhibit hall was a small trailer housing a ‘Virtual Read More >


Autism and Architecture

A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Autism Society’s National Conference in Indianapolis. Looking around the conference I mainly saw health care providers, speech pathologists, teachers, and other administrators but where were all the other architects? How can architects help? I admittedly have a personal interest in this issue. About a year Read More >


BLDD’s “Fed-Ex Day”: A Win-Win!

Last week I participated in BLDD’s first “Fed-Ex Day” where we dropped everything and spent a day thinking outside the box.  Being able to take a break from the daily grind to think about innovation in and out of our industry was both refreshing and enlightening. Participants were both young and old, from marketing and Read More >


Orientation advice from Sister Sledge

Newbie.  Amateur. Novice. Freshman. Newcomer. Recruit. Rookie. These are all words that can be used to describe people who find themselves in new environments. We always do things a little bit differently at BLDD, so we don’t use any of those words to describe our new employees.  Instead, we prefer to use a different word: Read More >


True Love…Graciously Served

I was at a dementia care residence last month, meeting with two staff in preparation for our LSN seminar on “Dementia Care Design: Details that make a Difference”. After we spent three hours discussing, I spent one hour just observing residents in the unit during their noon meal.  Just beyond the main dining area I Read More >


A challenge met!

Whew!  What a relief.  After several intense months of design work, we have an opportunity to catch our breath and prepare for the upcoming construction process. The team here at BLDD really stepped up to meet this challenge. “What challenge?!” you’re asking. Let me start at the beginning – Davenport Community Schools selected BLDD to Read More >


Classroom Clutter- Part 1 Brought to you by RubberMaid

Todd D. Cyrulik, AIA, LEED AP Technology and flexibility have become the guiding principles to twenty first century classroom design. These principles are in conflict with two primary requests of educators; storage and display space.  In a series of posts we will examine the challenges facing administrators, educators, and designers with these conflicts and the Read More >



In the news, you often hear stories about the ‘architect of this’ or ‘the architect of that.’  I hold a belief that if you add up the number of people who wanted to be an architect (I’ve personally met 112 people who started in architecture in college, but decided it wasn’t for them) and then Read More >


Healthcare Facility Planning in Uncertain Times

Steve Oliver, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB Healthcare margins continue to shrink and much uncertainty surrounds the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)   Revenue projection is critical to capital expenditure planning, and uncertainty over how the ACA will impact hospital reimbursements only adds to the complexity of the problem.  The underlying goal of the ACA is to reward Read More >