Bennett Day School

Chicago, IL

Bennett Day School, a PreK-12 independent school committed to advancing creativity, leadership and a love of learning, engaged BLDD to lead them through a master planning and programming process. As a result of this process, Bennett Day school programmed the interior shell of an historic Chicago building to serve as their flagship school.

The flagship campus building, formerly known as Chicago Commons, was built in 1900 as a settlement house. It now houses one of the most progressive educational environments in the city.

With a student/teacher ratio of 10 to 1, Bennett focuses on experiential learning in a progressive and welcoming environment. Unique spaces including tinker labs, piazzas, breakout areas spread throughout the building, and warm and flexible classrooms make the school a unique gem that we are excited to be a part of!

Future phases include instructional spaces for grades 4-8 featuring a gymnasium, outdoor play areas and additional lab spaces.